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air conditioning for buses and coaches

Providing a specialist air conditioning service for buses and coaches.

Cool Air Automotive Ltd. is growing its reputation for providing a first class and expert air conditioning service for buses and coaches. We understand that passenger comfort is of the utmost importance to our customers so keeping the temperature to a comfortable setting is very much cool air’s job!

Service and good maintains keeps the air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. A poor running system is harder on fuel due to the compressor pumping for a longer period of time.

An air filter change and an evaporator clean with disinfectant ensure 99% of bacteria and odours are killed. This approach reduces unwanted smells and dust partials circulating around the bus which can lead to an uncomfortable environment for your passengers.

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Cool Air is an automotive air conditioning business based in Co. Longford.

We service, maintain and install air conditioning in all types of vehicles. This specialist business is geared towards the following sectors: