Autoclima S.p.A.


Cool Air Automotive Ltd. is the only authorised service centre for Autoclima S.p.A. in Ireland.

We operate services on all Autoclima air conditioning systems. We will supply the customer with spare parts and all the technical assistance necessary. Autoclima offers a wide range of products catering for all your air conditioning requirements. These include:

  • parts
  • retrofit systems
  • extension kits
  • in-dash AC installation

for the following

  • bus/coach
  • truck
  • parking coolers
  • campervans
  • heavy plant machinery
  • specialised vehicles

Need Help with your A/C Unit?

Contact us today – we will be delighted to give you some advice and a quote to look after your air conditioning needs.

AUTOCLIMA S.p.A. carefully focuses on the requests we make, either by tailoring the ideal product or designing and producing A/C systems for our customers. 

They have a very wide range of stock and complete catalogue of stock available on the market.

Autoclima S.p.A. is a very reputable company. It has been trading in Italy since the early 1960s when some young technicians experimented and developed air conditioning systems for cars in the late 1950s. It was the first European entity to produce air conditioning units in the automotive field. The company has since grown from strength to strength and become a leader in its field, up to date with the most modern models of industrial development in Europe.

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